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Education Gate International School 2 is a Ministry of Education-certified school in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It is located in the Arrawdah district and has received accreditation from the American International Accreditation Association (AIAA).

Education Gate International School2 opened its doors as an international school in the year 2013, providing students with a quality curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards Initiative - an educational initiative in the United States that details what K-12 students should know at the end of each grade.

Our School is only a three-year-old educational establishment taking tremendous ambitious leaps toward success in this field. The school is very reputable in the Riyadh area, and it has seen a yearly increase in the number of the students.

EGIS2 was established in the year 2013 with 120 students, 25 teachers and 5 support staff.

It has now grown to 1475 students, 195 teachers, 25 assistants, 25 administrators and 21 support staff.

According to the original architectural plan, the design of EGIS2 is based on a large square layout from which the various elements of the facility function.

The school has a unique site in the north of the city near the Ministry of Labor and opposite the Rawdah Park - an area popular among residents of the city.

This location enables the school to attract a large number of students.

Extending from the multi-use commons are 10 buildings with 47 administrative offices, labs, stores, libraries, restrooms, and activities rooms.

As with most schools over time, the faculty and staff of Education Gate International School have grown tremendously.

Education Gate International School serves students from the various communities of Riyadh in kindergarten till grade 9 in the Girls’ section and grade 4 to grade 9 in the boys’ section.

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